Old School Shiz

During practice last night (BTW we have a show at the Comet tonight don’t act like you forgot) we all got in a conversation about old school skateboards, bikes and the like and I had to come home and dig up my all time favorite BMX when I was a kid, the classic titanium P.K. Ripper. An image of this vintage bike was super hard to find on the web, but then I found this one, EXACTLY like the one I remember. DC has since remade the bike but the original was a titanium frame and NO other kid in the hood had one.

I was also hunting for one of the original Rob Roskopp Screaming hand skate and couldn’t find it. But I did find these Santa Cruz Screaming Hand kicks I may just have to hunt down. Along with the P.K. I’d be that old guy cruzing around on a BMX like his license is permanently suspended. Maybe I’ll grow a whispy mustache and sport some skin tight acid-washed jeans to boot … or maybe just jeggings … pathetic. I still love it.

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