Last Night …

Was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Comet and supported the debut show of the Kettle Black featuring Jazz Turnbow on drums and Jesse Strasbaugh on guitar. We had a blast gigging the songs for the first time as a full band, and despite a few hiccups the crowd response was amazing and we humbly thank you. We dive back into writing and recording the next couple months, and should have a small video and single coming out very soon and will keep you posted. BTW if you join the mailing list (on the right) we’ll send you free downloads, discounts, summer show dates and other stuff that’s not spam.

Thanks Cheree (and happy birthday) for booking the bands and putting the show together, everyone brought their own crowd, style and energy that carried the whole night.

Thanks to Nate from The Spinning Whips for loaning me his vintage (not reissue) classic Ampeg SVT “fridge” cab and head. That rig is sick. Plus Jordan puked a couple times during the night and had a bucket next to the stage … die hard. They killed it regardless, just hope somebody disinfects that mic before the next person sticks their lips on it.

I gotta give an apology to Nouela with People Eating People for accidentally  taking her keyboard stand at the end of the night. I forgot mine and hers is exactly like it and … you get the point, it all got worked out.

But one of the coolest things I saw all night was Ponytime’s whip. I don’t know where Stacy found this 70’s wagon but it is in flawless condition. I keep saying it, vintage just ain’t like it used to be, and this is another example. Rides this old are getting harder and harder to find on the road. I gotta find out what it is, Buick, Ford, LeSabre? … so cool.

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