2011, a year in review…

So its been a hell of a year, we wrote songs, practiced regular, named the band, launched a website, produced a video, debuted our sound, had a good friend step up to executive produce our album, added a member, traveled the NW playing, spent 17 days in the studio and are getting ready to release an 11 song album in 2012. Now THATS what I’m talking about!

First things first though. We’d like to officially welcome and introduce Nate Johnston to the band. If you’ve been to any of our recent shows you’ll have noticed the man behind his 3 tier ivory tower of synth reigning down a calamity of audio that resonates the lowest part of your deepest intestine. That’s Nate, and his electro vibe has helped gravitate us back toward the progressive synth-blues style we started out with.

We’d also like to announce the name of our executive producer for this album, Rob Wallace. After seeing our video Rob wanted to hear more material and did what most don’t and can’t…put his money where our mouth is. Thank you Rob, without your help this wouldn’t be happening.

We’d also like to thank Don Devore for his engineering skills at Avast Studios, Brian at Spark and Shine Records, and Mike Allen’s engineering skills and equip at Eminence Studio. We’ve got a full album right around the corner and we can’t wait to show everyone!

In the meantime here’s a teaser of what you might have missed at our Tractor show.