Is That The SUN?

So April was an amazing month. The CD release at the 2 Bit was successful to say the least. Thank you everyone who came out it was extremely humbling to see that kind of support. I know Jazz, Jesse and I are so appreciative to both Suze Sims and Sightseer for supporting the night with their music as well, and Danny for hooking up what other venues should be taking notes on. We mailed out discs and PR’s to every radio, press and blog we could think of (and afford) and have gotten some great feedback. Suckfree Radio has been spinning us regular as has So King Internet Radio to which we say thank you thank you thank you! Plus we got some great reviews from Cat and Rick you can check out on our “Press” tab. The season is early and we’ve even more on the horizon. One being a last minute gig on May 11th at Louie G’s in Fife with The Jupiter Order and Nick Deonigi who is also sharing the 47th Street UW Street Fair stage on May 20th. Thats a FREE, all ages show and we go on at 2pm that day so come check it.

Were also playing the High Dive on May 19th with touring band Love Drug and locals City Faire. For super secret reasons that I cannot yet reveal, that show has the potential to be our debut of a  _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _. Hah, sorry you’ll just have to fill in the blanks for the time being but if it all comes together it will step our show up to a new level. And were returning to Quinn’s annual Seattle Beer Week BBQ on the 12th to throw down for a couple hours. So if anyone wants a sneak peak of the songs were brewing for the next album while they sip great brew, this is the perfect opportunity. We’ll be debuting a full set of material that nobody has heard yet including us…wait yes we have. Call Quinn’s 206.325.7711 for ticket pre-sales or reservations and do it soon last year it sold out! And don’t forget the Fremont Fair on June 17th at 3pm at the Redhook Mainstage. Its the last day of the fest and were just before the headliner on that Sunday. Also we’ve also added a new “Shout Outs’ tab on the site to thank everyone that has been involved in helping make the album a success. If you don’t see your name up there let us know and we’ll make sure you get your name dropped. The summer is shaping up to be full of great gigs and a ton of surprises throughout and if were lucky we’ll get some summer sun in with all the musical goodness. Thanks for all the support everyone, you are the fuel for our fire.