More Please

We got some love from SSG Music we thought we’d share right off the bat…

The show at the High Dive was a blast with City Faire and Lovedrug. Great energy and a fantastic way of debuting Sandy Dickerson as our new member playing bass. I’ve been a fan of Sandy’s bass skills for a long time and he’s one of the original members we asked to be in The Kettle Black. It didn’t work out then but were happy to say he’s working out just fine now. Plus you might recognize Sandy from some of his other groups such as The Panda Conspiracy, Big High and one of my personal favorites Missing Players. Welcome aboard SD!

The annual Quinn’s Seattle Beer Week Pig Roast was fantastic. The beer flowed like…ah…a LOT of beer and at last count they had roasted 5 pigs. Nothing quite like playing music and having them haul in an 80lb roasted pig…really distracting especially when you hungry.

Thanks to everyone who came out in the middle of the rain for the UW Street Fair. We joined Sightseer and Nick Deonigi at the 47th St. stage, and I gotta hand it to Seattlites the rain does not stop us from getting out and enjoying events.

Maurice The Fish Records has hooked us up with NWCZ Radio for an interview and on-air acoustic performance Sunday June 10th at 6pm. Were not sure what songs were throwing down yet so I guess you’ll just have to tune in (I mean stream) to find out.

We’ve got a few gigs still on the books and will be adding more soon, thanks for all the support.