AHOY!!!!!  Several moons ago we packed our guns, rum and powder and set sail from the port of Ballarrrd to the foggy isle of West Seattle. We had heard a tall tale of a Shipwreck that had enough rum and gold to keep the morale of the crew high for days!!!! After days aboard the ship, we finally hit land and met up with our trusty mates THE BEND who had just bestowed the town with a generous helping of great times. YARRRR!!!! This was our first encounter with the Shipwreck, and although we were surrounded and outnumbered,  we knew we could take em out ten fold!!! A round of grog and THANKS to The SHIPWRECK TAVERN, THE BEND and all those who made it out!!!!  Soon after we found the treasure, took our rightful share and buried the rest for the next time we return. Check out this ACTUAL PAINTING OF OUR SHOW:

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