So there you have it.  2012.  Done. We had such a great year Its hard to put into words. We released our debut album that we’re very proud of, Played a whole slew of shows and local festivals and met a ton of cool people diggin on what we’re doing. But 2012 is NOTHING compared to what is right around the bend in 2013! Since our packed show in October @ the 2bit saloon, we’ve been gathering up wood and fuel for the next record and we cant wait to light this bonfire up. All I can say is the next  C-Leb & the Kettle Black record is going to BURN THE BARN DOWN. Guaranteed. We had originally decided to take some time off to work on the record, But it’s writing itself and the phone has been ringing off the hook. There’s a few shows we couldn’t pass up round here.

Like this one:

Earlier this year we played a show at Slims and DEADMAN was another band on the bill with us. It only took about 20 seconds into their first song before we all looked at each other like “WHAT THE *%^@ IS THIS!?!?” We knew we had to get another show going with this filthy blues duo.

So we’re gonna tighten up some nuts and bolts on these new songs, and get em ready for the road. Pack em in the van and show these songs some country.

We’ve got a hell of a year to look forward to. And we hope to bring our home cookin’ to your front doorstep. Keep the light on for us.