Packing OUT Chop Suey


To everyone who is constantly coming out, telling your friends, bringing your friends, spreading the word on fb, playing The Kettle Black in the bars, buying CDs and drinks at every show, we say thank you. Your support is working, we can literally see the numbers growing  and we are working as hard as we possibly can to write new material and hit the stage bigger and better every time. You really are our inspiration for what we do so please keep it up! We have some really big things in the works right now and will be making a huge announcement very soon so stay posted. In the meantime we’ve got some new merch (shot glasses) that should be available at the next show and speaking of…seriously.

The Chop Suey, Staxx Brothers, Irukandji, the sounds of C-Leb & the Kettle Black to a D.N.A. fashion show and promoted by Active Entertainment equals RAD! This is literally all of us coming together as artists, promoters and mutual fans to bring you one helluva night of entertainment. We are all working hard to promote this show not just because it’s the next one but because its going to be an amazing night with solid entertainment from all walks of art coming together to throw the F down for an entire evening. You have till March 8th to buy your tickets in advance at Stranger Tickets so please do so. Were expecting to sell this show out and you can be an instrumental part of making that happen.

We’d like to say thank you to Cheree for booking us at her birthday party at The Comet, Danny for booking us at his birthday party at The Sunset and Tim at the Angry Beaver for offering us a regular monthly acoustic show so look for those dates. Plus we have another acoustic show at Sully’s in Queen Anne thats a benefit for Seattle Children’s Home Art Therapy Program coming up as well. Thanks again to everyone, ttys.