Waterwheel in Ballard April 10th

NEW NEWS YOU CAN USE! A couple months ago we did our first “acoustic trio show”. Basically it’s a stripped down version of the band minus the drums that works for smaller venues that want entertainment but can”t have a big rowdy rock band melting their patrons faces off. We’ve played a couple of these shows and let me tell you, people are FEELING it and so are we!!! Since then we’ve received several invitations from local establishments to do our “acoustic show” on a monthly basis. And so we’re gonna do just that. More info to come, but April 10th at the Waterwheel in Ballard is the first one in rotation. We spent Jesse’s birthday here eating chicken and waffles ( YUM! ) and they don’t normally serve it there. Maybe, just maybe if we work hard enough, the amazing Chef Ramon will serve it again for us! Either way, we hope to see you on April 10th @ Waterwheel Lounge