YAR! Once again we cant thank everyone enough for all the support and love we’ve received from you.  This weekend we drove south and kicked it with our friends at NWCZ in Tacoma. Love this crew and everything they do for local music. It was early interview ( for us! ) so maybe we we’re a little out of it? The cops came? Regardless it was a good time and you can listen to it tommorrow night at 7 on NWCZ Radio. Later in the evening we played a cool Fashion show/party @ Atlas in Fremont for our good friends GOLD DOGS and then checked out some Furniture Girls rocking some songs for a Cure tribute night. Hey speaking of tribute nights ( see how I did that thar? ) We’re very excited to be part of John Lennon Tribute night going down in Columbia City next week! Lots of cool bands and we’re playing a few cuts ourselves. We don’t do this very often so make sure you go to this one! You can buy some tickets HERE. Oh yeah, we’re also going to RECORD ANOTHER ALBUM. Stay tuned for that : )


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