What’s Up/Going Down

Random train down in West Seattle set out to display art. If anyone knows who did this contact us I'd love to talk album art!

Random train down in West Seattle set out to display art. If anyone knows who did this contact us I’d love to talk album art!

It’s been a year since my last post and sparked with some new found enthusiasm and inspired by a few local folks that are really pushing the agenda I’ve decided to step back into writing light and use c-lebsounds as my podium. We have had a ton going on this year but more than that we’ve learned some amazing things about the music industry how to make a sustainable business out of musical art. Trial and error seems to still be the industry standard for everyone at the bottom level but I intend to keep pushing the boundaries if for no other reason than to see the ultimate musical endeavor through to the end. What that is? I guess we’ll find that out together. That said, lets get into some new news!

First up, we’ve got another album coming and there may be multiple iterations of the songs dropping. What does that mean? Well for starters we’ve crafted a half dozen dub-step blues songs that hit like Flat Black but drop like bass in the club. A lot of experimentation, crafting, scrapping and rebuilding have gone on to get the ideas just right and we’ll be throwing those up soon. Besides the dublues we’ve got unfinished tracks from Flat Black we’ll be throwing into the mix along with a ton of new stuff. We’ve also decided to step up our video production and hopefully 2016 will see at least 100% more videos, which compared to 2014 would literally be 2 videos. Soooo, not like it should be a stretch.

Gorge Cliff House

Jesse and my view from the Gorge stage!

Some of you may have noticed that Jesse and I have been playing shows just as a two piece and we’ve had a lot of questions as to the stability of the band. Don’t worry, CKB is not breaking up. Sandy and James both play in other bands (Sunshine Junkies, Dead End Friend) and Jesse and I don’t like to turn down some of these gigs on nights that would be double booked. Some of which are regular shows at places like Tin Lizzie in Queen Anne and Black Zia in Burien which in turn led us to opening for Train, The Fray, Gary Clark Jr and the Fool Fighters at the Gorge! Thanks to Colin from LiveNation for making those shows happen. It was an amazing experience and a real eye opener to what real rock star life is like.


Besides some of the great shows we’ve got a couple more items for you. One is we are playing October 9th at the Columbia City Theatre with some of the best musicians in the Seattle in an all night tribute to John Lennon. Check out the lineup in the flyer and if you haven’t heard of some of those players/bands trust us when we say you’ll want to after this show. We’ll be playing some new stuff, a Lennon tribute song and then I’ll be singing one of the cuts from the Plastic Ono Band later in the evening. The amazing evening will run like this:

6:30– Sunshine Junkies
7:00– Ethan Anderson
7:30– Mts & Tunnels
8:00– Eric Miller Band
8:30– Cracker Factory
8:45– Welcome Strangers
9:00– Tekla Waterfield and the Sweet Nothings
9:15– Home Sweet Home
9:30– Amanda Hardy
9:45– Norman Baker & the Backroads
10:00– Mother of Pearl
10:15– C-Leb & the Kettle Black
10:30– Ryan Devlin
10:45– Kathy Moore
11:00– RL Heyer’s Sweet Action
11:15– Thaddillac
11:30– Plastic Oh No! Band
Finally we are happy to announce a collaboration on a project with Snowboard Magazine for a documentary featuring Mark Landvik. Really compelling story about doing what you love with the intro music all CKB! Great job to the crew at Snowboard Mag for helping set this up and looking forward to more projects like this in the future. I’ll be posting way more so be sure to subscribe or check back for more updates. For now enjoy A Constant Evolution featuring Mark Landvik.