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12-29-13_Seahawks_ThePen_SafeCoYeah this is one of those end of 2013, year in review, retrospective posts but in our defense it really has been one hell of a year. We played almost 50 shows without touring, wrote a bunch of new material and crowd-funded the next album! The shows at SafeCo for the Seahawks tailgater’s have been outstanding and we’ve found great new fan support in our southern sister city Tacoma. All in all it’s been a great 2013 but 2014 is looking to be even bigger.

For starters the next album is shaping up to be epic. L2T2V (Live to Tape to Vinyl) digs deep into the social and economic issues we face from a working class perspective while listing the balance of relationships during hard times. From the soldier dealing with PTSD after war to a wreck-less gambler who can’t stop betting everything in life the album reads more like pulp fiction than just a series of good songs.

Perspective’s inspired by the real world and drenched in working class blood the songs hit every gen and reach every class. We’re not writing pop ballads for a glitter shower in a field of snow covered rainbows that loose flavor as fast as gumballs from the bowling alley quarter machine. We’re writing fast-driving, hard-knox songs of life that make you want to bungy jump from a fighter jet through the grand canyon. Ok ok, both analogies are ridiculous but the point is we’re writing an album you’ll keep in steady rotation and leave you wanting more.

On top of it we’re lining up shows for next year and are planning on expanding outside the NW. We’ve also added the names of our crowd-funding contributors to the tabs at the top of our website so everyone can see the great people who have put up their hard earned money to help make the music happen. And thanks to everyone who has supported CKB this last year. Here’s a toast…to you, to saying goodbye to 2013, and to looking forward to an epic year ahead. Cheers and Happy New Years!

To finish it out right, here’s an interview we did with NWCZ Radio earlier this year, enjoy!



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YAR! Once again we cant thank everyone enough for all the support and love we’ve received from you.  This weekend we drove south and kicked it with our friends at NWCZ in Tacoma. Love this crew and everything they do for local music. It was early interview ( for us! ) so maybe we we’re [...]

Dreamfest, SafeCo and Album 2!

We’ve got a ton happening and after an epic year of pounding the pavement playing 40+ shows we’re proud to announce we’ll be playing an all-ages, all-day into the night, two-day rock music festival Dreamfest 2013! On September 21st & 22nd KISW 99.9 Loud & Local, Louie G’s Pizza, Jazzbones, Pyramid Stage & Lighting presents Dreamfest 2013! The Local Music Event of the [...]

Next UP…

We’ll keep this short and sweet because seriously there is so much coming down the pipe it’s hard to describe in an email blast. Were working toward the next album, video, pics, merch and more. Here are some of the shows coming up and we’d love to see you at any of them. 06-22-13 - Rock-N-Roll [...]

Waterwheel in Ballard April 10th

NEW NEWS YOU CAN USE! A couple months ago we did our first “acoustic trio show”. Basically it’s a stripped down version of the band minus the drums that works for smaller venues that want entertainment but can”t have a big rowdy rock band melting their patrons faces off. We’ve played a couple of these [...]

Packing OUT Chop Suey

To everyone who is constantly coming out, telling your friends, bringing your friends, spreading the word on fb, playing The Kettle Black in the bars, buying CDs and drinks at every show, we say thank you. Your support is working, we can literally see the numbers growing  and we are working as hard as we possibly can [...]


So there you have it.  2012.  Done. We had such a great year Its hard to put into words. We released our debut album that we’re very proud of, Played a whole slew of shows and local festivals and met a ton of cool people diggin on what we’re doing. But 2012 is NOTHING compared [...]


Were looking forward to this one! We’ve got a great lineup solidified and cant wait to bring the heat to one of our favorite bars in town. More info to come but for now check out the flyer….